Behaviour Expectations and Code of Conduct


Young people thrive in safe surroundings. We’re committed to ensuring that Scouting is both enjoyable and safe for everyone who takes part, along with providing parents with peace of mind.

There is nothing more important to us, than the safety and welfare of all the children who attend our Group.

This Code of Conduct sets out behavioural expectations so that all members can enjoy Scouting in a safe and comfortable environment, protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

What We Expect

  • Be punctual - arrive on time – ready to start at 6:30pm
  • Wear Beaver/Cubs jumper or Scout shirt + neckerchief
    Scouting t-shirts may be worn underneath, but not instead of jumper/shirt
  • Hang up coats and bags in the toilets - Without parent assistance
  • Fall in when told
  • No talking during flag break, flag down, investitures, presentations and notices
  • Listen to Leaders and do as you are told
  • Respect Leaders and other Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • Follow rules during games and activities
  • Accept Leader decisions during games
  • Work together and include others
  • Be sensible and well behaved
  • Have fun and allow others to enjoy Beavers, Cubs and Scouts too

What You Shouldn't Do:

  • Cause harm to others - Pushing, kicking, hitting, biting, etc.
  • Bully others (verbal or physical)
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Unwelcomed hugging
  • Swear / use bad language
  • Continual talking or disruptive behaviour
  • Bring toys, play items or electronic device - unless agreed with Leader
  • Parents should not enter the toilets or open the toilet doors unless for their own use, and only when there is nobody else inside
General Westbourne Procedures

In order for Leaders to ask for quiet, we use the following techniques:

  • Leader puts hand in the air or make the Scout sign: Members are expected to make the Scout sign and put their hand in the air to show that they've heard
  • Leader should "Hey": Members should reply "Ho, shhhhh" with their finger to their lips
  • Leader shouts "Beavers" / "Cubs" / "Scouts":

Members are expected to react to any of these by being silent, staying still, looking at the Leader and listening to them.

In the Event of Misbehaviour:

  • Members/parents should report incidents to Leaders
  • Leaders will talk to the members involved
  • Members may be asked to sit out of an activity
  • Parents may be contacted
  • Parents may be asked to pick-up their child
  • Members may be excluded from future meeting(s)

Thank you for your support in anticipation


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