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As part of the Cub "Our World Challenge Award", our Cubs have been exploring Broomhill, with a view to making promotional material to encourage people to visit and move to the Broomhill area.

The articles shown below are their views, in their words, with little editorial input.

NB. We should note that while the Cubs seem to have good knowledge of the wide variety of drinking establishments in the area, we weren't party to their visits.

Hair Cuts & Christians

I think people should come to Broomhill because there are lots of affordable / good value barbers that also provide hair cuts for women as well as men.

There are lots of Hospitals nearby such as... Weston Park Hospital (mainly for bad cancers that are still healable), Royal Hallamshire Hospital (a general adult hospital), Jessop Wing (for baby births, neonatal unit and neonatal follow up), Charles Clifford Dental Hospital (tooth treatment) and Sheffield Childrens Hospital (for children).

There are also lots of bus routes such as... 51, 81a, 52, 52a, 120.

There are three small supermarkets - Tesco express / Sainsburys local / Morrisons Broomhill.

There are lots of places to eat and drink at such as Proove / The York / Fox and Duck.

There are two churches for any Christians... St. marks church and Broomhill Methodist church.

There is a postoffice if you need to post a letter or parcel.

There is a pharmacy which is open until 10pm.

There are lots of different kinds of shops. e.g. cobbles / cafes / hardware / green grocers.

By Oscar, Sophie & Jago


Time Past & Presents

Broomhill is good for students, because there are lots of universities around, and shops to go shopping, and if you like doctor who then go to galaxy four, because they sell doctor who comics and figgers.

Broomhill infant school is very good, because you can get more clever.

If you have a ill pet then go to Broomhill Vet's to get some medison for your adorabul pet no matter how big or small they can make it better.

If you are feeling ill or sick then go to boot's because its got medical stuff.

If you are a good reader then go to broomhill library, there are loads of interesting books.

If you are missing some post then go to the post office because if you are missing say a birthday prezzy from your grandma or something then go to Boomhill and get it.

By Jessica, Matthew & Felix


Pub Review

We think you should come to Broomhill because its awesome!!!!

There is lots of restaurants and pubs to go to. E.g. The York, The Fox and Duck, Time Cafe, The Itchy Pig, The Broomhill Tavern, Nottingham House, Blues Bar.

Broomhill also has other features like the cafe's like Costa and Cawa Coffee.

Broomhill is brilliant it also has good shops like Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

We also have schools like Westbourne and Broomhill school.

We have doctors, dentists, banks, charity shops and Scouts groups like Westbourne scout group.

Other reasons to go to Broomhill is there is a post office. There are lots of bus stops and churches and Broomhill library.

By Holly, Jacob & Sam



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